How will Florida women fare after President Trump picks a SCOTUS nominee?

Lydia Fleming
July 10, 2018

"I'm getting very close to making a final decision", Trump told reporters as he left Morristown, N.J., on Sunday to return to the White House. A source familiar with the process said Trump has made his choice. He said Sunday that he hoped to have made a decision by noon Monday.

As of Monday morning, Trump was still deciding between Judges Thomas Hardiman, Brett Kavanaugh, Raymond Kethledge and Amy Coney Barrett. But the situation appeared to remain fluid. The White House prepared briefing materials on all four. California Sen. Kamala Harris has warned about a "destruction of the Constitution" if Trump's choice gets confirmed by the Senate. John McCain, R-Ariz, is absent getting cancer treatment, so Republicans now have just a 50-49 vote hold. Ten Democrats from states that Trump won are up for re-election this fall and will be under tremendous pressure to back the president's nominee. Gorsuch, who worked at the Justice Department in 2005 and 2006, had a smaller set of executive branch documents for review.

Announcers became more profane as the results pour in on election night 2016. At the top of that list is abortion.

Kethledge also has supporters. Kennedy provided a decisive vote in 2015 on an important fair housing case.

While the president has been pondering his pick, aides have been preparing for a tough confirmation fight.

John Roberts now serves as the chief White House correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC). Jon Kyl would guide Trump's nominee through the grueling Senate process.

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Still, Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri, a member of the Republican leadership, said on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday that the Senate "can confirm any of the four names being mentioned". He now works for the Washington-based lobbying firm Covington & Burling.

Trump's selection will set up a confirmation showdown in the U.S. Senate, where his fellow Republicans hold a slim 51-49 majority, though with ailing Senator John McCain battling cancer in his home state of Arizona they now can muster only 50 votes.

While the U.S. Senate once required a 60-vote supermajority to overcome blocking tactics against Supreme Court nominees, the Republican majority changed the rules a year ago during the debate on Justice Neil Gorsuch.

"Trump will not be president", former President Obama said.

Trump has previously said he wanted "pro-life" justices opposed to abortion rights.

Three Democrats who were invited but declined were Sens.

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A spokeswoman for Heitkamp said the North Dakota senator was invited to the White House announcement "but isn't able to attend". His views on abortion are generally unknown, but Kavanaugh was part of a panel that signed an order a year ago to prevent an illegal teenage immigrant from getting an abortion. But there are only two ways in which the nominee might be denied a spot: First, if two Republicans join every Democrat in opposing the nominee and, secondly, if lengthy delay tactics are employed.

That could imperil support from Republican moderates in the Senate, especially Alaska's Lisa Murkowski and Maine's Susan Collins. The two have supported access to abortion services.

"This president has been more involved and more transparent than any other president in modern history", he said on "America's Newsroom" Monday, noting that Trump was the first president to release a list of potential nominees.

Hardiman, 53, has served on the Philadelphia-based 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals since 2007, having been appointed by Republican former President George W. Bush, after four years as a U.S. district judge in western Pennsylvania. He helped finance his law degree at the Georgetown University Law Center by driving a taxi.

Barrett is a Notre Dame Law School alumna, and she received the Hoynes Prize, the Law School's highest honor. Plus, holding Barrett, who is just 46, would give her more time to amass federal judicial experience.

Trump To Announce Supreme Court Nominee July 9
Unless the GOP trips itself up, it can cement a conservative majority on the Supreme Court before the November election. In the run-up to selecting Gorsuch, Trump met with three contenders and White House officials vetted several more .

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