Oha Suta to Reveal Big Pokémon News on May 31, 2018

Otis Hoffman
May 30, 2018

Dedicated trainers can also splash out on a Poke Ball Plus, a special controller that will let you feel your Pokemon prey trapped inside it, and has motion controls, lights vibration, and sounds.

Pokemon Let's Go will allow players to unlock a brand new Pokemon when they link their game to Pokemon Go.

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The rumoured announcement on Thursday could just as easily be something completely different, but the idea that we'll see some Pokemon Switch news this week has already got the internet very excited. They will be available from November 16, 2018 - so not too long to wait. While this isn't a core Pokemon RPG, it is developed by main series studio Game Freak and will be coming to both the Nintendo Switch and smartphones. If you don't see the listing under the "Recent Releases" section of the store, you can head to store page on Nintendo.com, log in, and download from there instead.

The trailer also showed off numerous integrations with the Pokemon Go app itself, with players able to transfer caught Pokemon to the "GO PARK", and send presents to themselves and friends on the app.

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Catching them requires players to actively chase down the Pokemon, after which they will enter a screen that is extremely similar to that of the Pokemon Go mobile game. It's a little Pokeball that functions a bit like the Pokemon Go Plus wristband. It looks the part, but only has three hours of battery life which could be a hassle. The new games (there's a Pikachu version and an Eevee version) are remakes of Pokemon Yellow geared specifically for casual fans. Let's Go, however, will only have local multiplayer.

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