Iowa Bans Abortion At 6 Weeks

Lucy Bush
May 5, 2018

Reynolds signed the bill just hours after a rally at the state capitol in support of women's reproductive rights.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, center, reacts after signing a six-week abortion ban bill into law during a ceremony in her formal office, Friday, May 4, 2018.

The bill passed early on the morning of May 2 in the Senate on a 29-17 vote and in the 51-46 vote in the House.

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The legislation would ban most abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is around six weeks of pregnancy. "Instead, we will protect the fundamental right of Iowa women to control their bodies and their lives". Up till now, a lady has been capable of get an abortion in Iowa as much as her 20th week.

Critics say this new law is an aggressive challenge to Roe v. Wade, with intentions to rally conservatives before November's midterm election. Iowa state Sen. Jake Chapman told the Register, "This law, if signed, I believe could very well be the very bill that overturns Roe v. Wade". I understand that not everyone will agree with this decision.

The Iowa law provides for some exemptions that allow abortions during a later pregnancy stage to save a pregnant woman's life or in some cases of rape and incest.

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"If death is determined when a heart stops beating, then doesn't a beating heart indicate life?" Reynolds acknowledged that the new law would likely face litigation, but said: "This is bigger than just a law, this is about life, and I'm not going to back down". "It is time for the Supreme Court to weigh in on the issue of life". "But we must check at what's truly the right thing to do, and that need to be creating such decisions, plus it is us". The bill has been significantly controversial in the state, and there have been many protests. Gov. Reynolds, we'll see you in court.

A federal appeals court in recent years has struck down similar legislation approved in Arkansas and North Dakota, but conservatives say an influx of right-leaning judicial appointments under President Donald Trump could produce a different outcome in the future.

"This legislation affirms the scientific fact that human life begins at conception", the American Family Association, a pro-life Christian group in MS, said in a statement. It additionally stated passage and enactment of the measure has set the state up for a protracted authorized struggle.

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The measure is the most restrictive abortion ban in the United States.

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