Organ donations save lives, positively affect others

Lydia Fleming
April 11, 2018

The government is now looking to further improve the supply of donations by introducing an opt-out system for organ donation, meaning it will be assumed that people are willing to donate their organs unless otherwise specified. "This news will give hope to the desperately ill people who are waiting for that lifesaving phone call".

"The increase in donations and transplants is made possible thanks to the generosity of donors and their families. And when that comes up, people want to act".

Those interested in registering as an organ donor can do so at the B.C. Transplant website.

According to Gavsie, on that day Trillium saw a "dramatic uptick" in registrations in Ontario - 182 compared to 30 on the previous Sunday.

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"Even in his eventual passing, he will be a selfless hero", Boulet's family said in a statement over the weekend. "The people that get his organs are going to have a chance at a good life". "We work with empathy and compassion and coordinate things and just try to make it as seamless as possible", Allen says.

Only 20 per cent of Canadians have registered as organ donors, she said, despite surveys suggesting that 90 per cent of the country supports the cause.

In Utah alone, there are around 800 people waiting to receive a transplant.

And according to Midwest Transplant Network's research, 95 percent of people across the USA support the concept of organ donation, yet only about 54 percent are registered.

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Allen explains there are a number of myths regarding organ donation that simply aren't true, such as doctors not working as hard to save someone's life if they find out that person is an organ donor.

"This transplant means life extension, life extension is what it really means to me", organ recipient Charles Campbell said.

"The decision to donate organs is a powerful gift, made more poignant because it often happens at an incredibly hard time", said Alberta Deputy Premier and Minister of Health Sarah Hoffman.

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