Here's a new look at Mario Tennis Aces out on June 22

Alicia Guzman
March 10, 2018

Nintendo also plans to host a pre-launch online tournament, one that will presumably offer players the chance to check out Mario Tennis Aces ahead of its launch through an exclusive 1 vs. 1 online tournament.

We support you, Chain Chomp. Players can swing rackets as one of over 15 characters. The trailer also reveals different court types, such as a grassy court.

Chain Chomp is set to be in the Powerful playstyle group, along with Bowser, Wario, and Donkey Kong-a ideal place for such a strong and resilient fella. Mario Tennis Aces will be playable in both TV, handheld and tabletop mode and will even allow four Switches to be connected locally for four-players.

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A rather lengthy presentation detailed the gameplay changes made including the "zone shot" that lets you take your time and aim a shot (hopefully out of reach of your opponent). The zone shot is also a feature, which is a souped-up shot and can accumulate racket damage on the opponent. This and the Zone Shot can't be spammed because the moves depend on your Energy Gauge. The energy gauge feature also fills up on rallies. Trick shots consume energy if you miss, but if you hit the ball with a trick shot you'll earn energy. It's a tricky (get it?) technique and if you don't get the timing right you will be punished but master this move and you can turn the tide of battle.

Masashi Takahashi of Square Soft Games Meanwhile presented updates on new characters for Octopath Traveler, coming July 13th with a special edition the same day.

Although the Nintendo Switch is really where it's at, with an explosion of new titles to be released this year. And casual players can swing a Joy-Con controller to play the game.

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According to Nintendo, Mario Tennis Aces will feature all sorts of Mushroom Kingdom characters which can be played in four-player local and online multiplayer.

After the Nintendo Direct-mini earlier this year, fans have been awaiting more news. To participate, players just have to download the Pre-launch Online Tournament in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch. So what do you think of the upcoming Mario Tennis game? Let us know in the comments.

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