Los Angeles school shooting: Female arrested after two students were shot

Lucy Bush
February 4, 2018

Los Angeles School Police Chief Steven Zipperman assured the public late Thursday morning that the school was secured.

Among the injured are a 15-year-old boy, who was shot in the head.

The boy, who was shot in the head, is in critical but stable condition, according to the Capt. Erik Scott of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The station reports the shooting apparently happened in a classroom. The school was placed on lockdown, which later was lifted.

Sal Castro Middle School is close to the city's Westlake area, approximately two or three miles northwest of downtown, and it imparts a grounds to Belmont High School.

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Three other people sustained minor injuries. On January 22 a 15-year-old student was injured in a school shooting in Texas and on January 23 a school student was accused of shooting 16 people, injuring 2 in Kentucky.

A classmate of a 12-year-old girl considered a person of interest in a shooting at a Los Angeles school says it was an accident.

A 15-year-old girl was hit in the wrist, and two other students and a staffer were hit by flying glass.

"This child was extremely lucky, " said Dr. Aaron Strumwasser, a trauma surgeon.

"She said, "If I give you the gun will you hide it for me?'" he said".

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Aerial video on local television showed a girl being led out of the school in handcuffs.

School district officials say the school is now safe, and that the entire community remains on alert.

Police cars blocked off a junction near the school and parents gathered at the street corner, talking on their phones and awaiting word on their children. The student was later reported to be 12 years old, officials said. There is so far no immediate threat to his life, doctors said at a news conference.

An LAPD spokesman tonight said police believe the shooting was not intentional, according to several media reports.

According to a newly published study in the journal Science, gun deaths spiked following a school shooting in CT five years ago.

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