Ahead of tougher European Union data laws, Facebook is sharing its privacy philosophy

Robyn Valdez
January 30, 2018

As Facebook is preparing for the new data protection laws enacted in Europe, the tech company is now making it easier for users to control their privacy setting. It also aims to guarantee a person free and simple access to their individual data. Facebook now promotes a more limited feature called Privacy Check-Up that gives you privacy controls over future posts, your profile's About Me section, and app preferences. It as well invites the users to go through its Privacy Checkup as an extension of the campaign, for the better experience in managing data.

The new privacy center tool will be more comprehensive and unite key privacy settings rather than spreading them across multiple pages.

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Earlier this month CEO Mark Zuckerberg pledged to "fix" Facebook by ensuring users saw more posts from people rather than brands as it seeks to maintain an audience that is aging and posting less amid fierce competition from new services such as Snapchat and Instagram, the latter of which is of course owned by Facebook. This announcement comes few days after it was confirmed by the company's chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg.

On Monday, Facebook released its privacy principles - seven sentences that the company says it should be held accountable to - as well as a series of educational videos about how to control the information Facebook collects and uses to show you ads, and how to delete your account.

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No longer tucked away in a discreet corner of the app, Facebook has launched an all-new set of privacy tools to help you control what people can and can't see on the site. As massive tech companies, such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, rely on troves of consumer data to rapidly expand their operations and gain a larger influence in global society, the rules establish the importance of data privacy as a fundamental right. "We're designing this based on feedbak from people, policy-makers, and privacy experts around the world". The new videos will appear in the News Feed in the near future.

Also announced is that this year Facebook will introduce a "new" privacy centre that will show all the core privacy features at one place.

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"It should be a wake up call to every business that has studiously ignored GDPR for the past two years".

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