Google Is Taking The Android Out Of Android Pay

Alicia Guzman
January 9, 2018

After years of brainstorming - Google finally has had the genius idea of unifying both these platforms under a single brand.

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The movie ticketing service is among a handful of companies joining in the launch of the newly rebranded Google Pay, which brings together Google's various payment platforms, including Android Pay and Google Wallet, under one unified service.

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Indeed, Google notes that Google Pay is not an inherently new product, but rather a "new name and look for existing Google payment products". Lastly, Instacart orders of at least $35 completed with Google Pay by January 16 score $10 markdowns. Instead of pulling the GWallet plug altogether, though, the peer-to-peer payments service is uniting with Android Pay for a "simpler, safer, and more consistent" experience.

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Early adopters of the service include Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, and Instacart. Google has announced that "Google Pay" will soon be everywhere. The new Google Pay will be available across all Google products, through vendors who accept it whether online or in store at physical locations, or even to move money between private individuals. Anyone that has ever paid for something in the real-world with Android Pay, purchased an app on Google Play or used Chrome to automatically fill in payment details is familiar with Google's fragmented payments ecosystem.

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