Michael Flynn Promised Ex-Partner That Russia Sanctions Would Be 'Ripped Up'

Lucy Bush
December 7, 2017

On President Donald Trump's Inauguration Day, a former business parter of incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn allegedly bragged that Flynn told him Trump would quickly lift U.S. sanctions on Russia - a move that would pave the way for a controversial plan to build nuclear plants across the Middle East, with Russian help.

'Our committee has credible allegations that President Trump's National Security Advisor sought to manipulate the course of worldwide nuclear policy for the financial gain of his former business partners, ' wrote Cummings, Politico reported in a story on the letter. The memo was intended for Trump to sign, though there's no indication the President saw it, the Journal reported.

Mr Copson had allegedly shown the Flynn text message to the source, according to the congressman.

President Trump's personal White House lawyer, Ty Cobb, also declined to comment.

According to Cummings, on January 20, 2017, the whistleblower had a conversation with Copson as they attended Trump's inauguration.

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"Mike has been putting everything in place for us", the whistleblower claims Copson said.

"This is going to make a lot of very wealthy people", the associate, Alex Copson, told the whistleblower on inauguration day, according to the whistleblower's account to the Democrats.

According to a whistleblower who contacted the lawmaker, the businessman said Flynn had told him that sanctions on Russian Federation would be "ripped up" as a priority in the new Trump government to help the nuclear scheme go ahead.

The whistleblower also heard from Copson that Flynn would try to reduce sanctions against Russian Federation as "one of his first orders of business and that this would allow money to start flowing into the project", Cummings wrote.

Cummings told Gowdy in his letter that he found the witness "authentic, credible and reliable".

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The criminal case against Flynn in federal court barely touched on his work in private business, though it did describe his attempts during the presidential transition to mediate Russia's response to sanctions from the Obama administration and to influence foreign nations' votes on a UN Security Council measure related to Israeli settlements.

He called on Mr Gowdy to file legal orders to the White House, Mr Flynn and Mr Copson for documents on the nuclear power plan. According to this account, Copson blamed President Barack Obama for the sanctions, stating that he "fucked everything up in my nuclear deal with the sanctions".

Perhaps most intriguingly of all, Cummingswrites that he told Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team about all this some time ago - and that they asked him to delay publicly revealing this information "until they completed certain investigation steps".

Cummings has been critical of his Republican colleague Gowdy's leadership in their investigation of Flynn. Cummings described the account in a letter Wednesday to the panel's Republican chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy of SC.

Gowdy has not responded to requests from ABC News for comment.

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