Arab League leaders slam Iran amid regional tensions

Lucy Bush
November 21, 2017

While not mentioning Iran by name, he said Lebanon condemned all attacks against Arab nations, but blamed exploitable inter-Arab divisions that allowed global and regional powers to promote their interests.

The officials said in a statement after their meeting that the Arab countries will inform the U.N. Security Council of Iran's purported supply of arms to rebels fighting the internationally recognized government there.

Earlier Sunday, Abul Gheit said the missile fired at Riyadh was made in Iran. "What is expected from the Arabs is to undertake their national responsibilities", al-Jubeir said. The declaration called Hezbollah as "terrorist organisation".

Despite being Sunni, Hamas has always been seen as an ally of Iran.

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Saudi Arabia allege Iran of instigating and supporting Yemen's Houthis and opposition groups in Bahrain where Saudi forces were "helping" Al-Khalifa regime to crush the "protesters" and even denying them right to practice their religion.

Addressing an extraordinary Arab League meeting at ministers levels in Cairo, the minister said Jordan is ready to host or launch an extensive pan-Arab dialogue that would clearly identify all threats to common Arab security and agree on effective institutional mechanisms to address them.

Lebanese foreign minister Gebran Bassil -a member of the Hizbollah-allied Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese president's son-in-law - did not attend the Cairo meeting.

A leader in Hariri's Future Movement had earlier told Reuters Hariri would visit Egypt on Monday.

IGP reiterates 'commitment' to local militants who want to 'rejoin their families'
Replying to a question, he said it is a point of discussion on what was the driving force or lure behind youths joining militants. IG CRPF at the occasion said there is a greater synergy between all the security forces to conduct anti-militancy operations.

He said that Jordan considers the security of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain part of Jordan's security.

While IS no longer controls any urban hub in Iraq, its surviving fighters have regrouped in remote desert areas along the border with Syria and mopping up operations remain to be completed.

While the Cairo meeting produced a display of unity, Saudi Arabia was largely preaching to the choir. Syria and Iraq have been alleging these countries for their hand-in-glove role in spreading terrorism in the region. Senior Lebanese politicians close to Hariri also said he was coerced into resigning.

"Immediate and effective solutions are needed against recent Iranian intervention in the region", he said.

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In what is perhaps the only concrete measure, the ministers said Arab telecommunications satellites would ban Iranian-financed television stations for what they said was their fomenting of sectarian and ethnic tensions and because they posed a threat to Arab security.

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