New scam targets millions of Netflix users

Robyn Valdez
November 7, 2017

The letter looks a valid email from the streaming company and convinces customers to update their information including personal and credit card information.

The subject line says, "Your suspension notification", and the email contains the Netflix logo.

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The subscribers are told their billing information can not be validated and face membership suspension if a response isn't received within 48 hours.

Experts are advising Netflix users who are unsure about their account status to head to Netflix's website, log in and securely check your information there.

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If you click that link, you're taken to what appears to be the Netflix login page, but it has a different URL. There's a link in the email that takes the user to a form where you are supposed to enter your credit card number. The next page asks for your full name, address, payment details and date of birth, according to DailyMail. Therefore, the customer should check emails carefully to separate the real one from the fake ones.

So if you see an email in your inbox that looks anything like the below, be sure to get on to Netflix and confirm it's really from them. Netflix users should be extra cautious while reading and responding to any emails as they could be risking their sensitive information.

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Netflix, which has has more than 109 million worldwide subscribers, couldn't provide details about how many of its users may have received the email. Just last month, a similar phishing email scam targeted the business and corporate email accounts by sending an email that seemed to arrive from Netflix.

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