Nigeria Signs Anti Nuclear Weapons Treaty At UNGA

Lucy Bush
September 22, 2017

Earlier on Wednesday, more than 50 countries signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons at a signature ceremony held at the United Nations headquarters in NY.

Dozens of countries have signed a treaty to ban nuclear weapons amid tensions over North Korea's nuclear and missile tests.

The treaty, finalized in July by negotiators representing 120 of the 193 United Nations members, offered a stark contrast to the threats of mutual nuclear annihilation raised in the bombastic exchanges between North Korea's government and the Trump administration in recent weeks.

Guterres said the treaty was drawn up since a growing number of countries had become concerned about the danger emanating from the existence of nuclear weapons, in particular catastrophic humanitarian and environmental consequences of their use.

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A number of signatories to the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons have gathered in NY to discuss the progress of the agreement - although there's little to suggest their efforts will be successful.

"I think we've made our statement and hopefully brought some attention to Julie Bishop's failure to sign Australia on to the treaty", Romuld said.

There is nothing to prevent these countries from using nuclear weapons in future conflicts, and there is an excellent possibility that they will.

"The world today needs the promise of this treaty: the hope for a future without nuclear weapons", he said.

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Most notably, the U.S. is expected to spend US$400 billion between 2017 and 2026 on maintaining and comprehensively updating its nuclear forces. It received the support of 122 nations when it was adopted by vote in July. The world's existing nuclear powers oppose it, saying a ban could be risky.

The signing ceremony was a success, with 51 nations having now ratified it. That is the kind of outcome sought by proponents of the nuclear ban pact.

He urged national leaders to quickly ratify as well as sign the treaty.

"The treaty acknowledged global geopolitical dynamics that call for the elimination of nuclear weapons before these weapons could annihilate humanity", Assistant Secretary Mercado said.

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Other treaty supporters said they had no expectation that nuclear-armed states would accept it at first. But the nuclear powers want no part of it. But, after nearly a half-century of waiting for a nuclear weapons-free world to emerge, most non-nuclear nations are fed up with the nuclear monopoly of nine nations.

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