YouTube App Updated With New Messaging Feature To Chat & Share Videos

Wendy Jensen
August 9, 2017

"We've been experimenting with a better way to share videos on YouTube since a year ago", explains YouTube in a blog post. Besides sharing and receiving videos in the app, end-users can also chat about them right on YouTube, reply with another video, and invite others to the conversation.

YouTube is introducing a new way to let users share and chat about videos without leaving its app. Keep in mind that the new messaging feature is only available on mobile devices.

Google believes that this new addition to the YouTube app makes for a more convenient sharing experience with contacts.

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It's also possible to respond to a shared video with another video.

After the ad-pocolypse earlier this year, YouTube put many new systems in place for advertisers to better control which videos their ads appeared over on the platform. The company also allows users to text along with emojis to make the conducive environment for the chatting.

Unfortunately, the YouTube app doesn't actually know whether or not a user's contact on the phone book is using YouTube with a signed-in account. Firstly, it encourages increased engagement as users do not have to shift to Twitter or Facebook to share commentary or videos. By closing or ignoring this message, you are consenting to our use of cookies. The new feature also supports group chat with a maximum of 30 participants in a single group. You will be able to view the video that has been shared by you or shared by your friends to your contact. If you send a video to someone who doesn't have the new shared tab, YouTube claims "they will get it, too" but did not elaborate.

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YouTube has started to roll out yet another update for the users worldwide. So, what we are looking at here is a full-fledged messaging service within the app. To see what I mean, go to the desktop version of YouTube, find your favorite slow song, change the playback speed to 1.25x or 1.5x, and witness that composition in an entirely new light.

It's not just policy specialists carrying out this work either; machine learning has increasingly been used to identify and remove extremist videos on YouTube before human viewers flag up content.

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