How Christy Clark Destroyed the BC Liberal Brand in Just One Day

Lucy Bush
June 28, 2017

Green leader Andrew Weaver said while he might support the idea, he can't vote in favour of a Liberal government that has yet to truly test the confidence of the house since the May 9 election.

And so much for all the worries in the media about the speaker having to break tie votes regularly - with this throne speech, the BC Liberals have declared they will support practically every NDP and Green legislation imaginable.

He says the motion will ask for an immediate vote in the legislature on the speech, but that's not expected to happen because it requires the unanimous consent of the members of the legislature, including the Liberals.

The clarification is important, said de Jong, because an NDP-Green government would have 44 votes, compared to 43 Liberal votes.

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As new session of the B.C. legislature began Monday, BC Liberal house leader Mike de Jong and Premier Christy Clark said they expect to lose the vote on last week's throne speech, which contained sweeping new promises taken from opposition election platforms. Whatever political capital they built with a very public and very shrewd working agreement with Horgan's New Democrats could easily be wiped out if they are seen to be playing silly bugger with the system like, for instance, defeating a bill that they themselves could just as easily have introduced.

In Thursday's throne speech, the Liberals promised to not only ban corporate and union donations, but also impose a limit for individuals, ban foreign donations and donations from other provincial or federal parties, ban loans from anyone other than a bank or credit union, and apply the reforms to municipal elections as well.

Green Party leader Andrew Weaver is accusing the BC Liberals of playing games.

The opposition parties are refusing to even read new legislation, and the governing Liberals have been unwilling to expedite a confidence vote.

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Weaver said the Greens are committed to the confidence vote, even if it means rejecting Liberal reforms that his party supports.

Under procedural rules, the throne speech must have debate first. "People can't count on Christy Clark to fix the problems she created".

"No British Columbians want another election", she said.

Horgan and Weaver said the extensive preparations for a government likely to last only a week are tactics by Clark to cast doubt on the viability of the Green-NDP alliance. But I think the NDP would be better at doing that. "And if we are destined to play that role again as an opposition, I think we would be an effective opposition, and take that role seriously". Before the election, the Liberals opposed a similar NDP private member's bill to ban corporate and union donations, saying it would ultimately require taxpayer money to be spent to finance political parties. "We are confident that we will be able to make this house work".

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Redies said that regardless of who is in power, "we all have to look at these (throne speech) issues".

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