Microsoft shows off the power of Project Scorpio by rendering a beetle

Alicia Guzman
April 28, 2017

The first shows a scientist in a steampunk lab. 4K games will run at a supersampled 1080p on Scorpio, and while this obviously does not retain all the fidelity that the 4K image has to offer, the result is still significantly better than the Xbox One can manage.

Project Scorpio launches this year in all regions.

The left-hand picture shows native Xbox One assets on a 4K display, and the right side has been patched with 4K assets.

Wrapping up the feature, the guys at WC say that "while you will undoubtedly need a 4K set to see the true benefits of Project Scorpio, you will get many enhances textures, geometry, and effects on standard HD displays".

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Running at 1080p on an Xbox One. Microsoft is expected to reveal the price point of Xbox Project Scorpio at the E3 2017 gaming expo, ONMSFT reported.

The images from the demo, as you can see on Windows Central, show a woman in a laboratory with comparisons between Xbox One and Project Scorpio.

One of the most unique things about Project Scorpio is that it'll run all existing Xbox One games better without any kind of upgrades, downloads or updates. Microsoft has armed devs with a suite of tools and software to match the system's higher-end hardware; for example, the Forza devs at Turn10 ported Forza 6: Apex to Project Scorpio in just two days time.

Project Scorpio will be available this holiday season.

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Microsoft's Xbox One was given some pretty catastrophic games news this morning as yet another Xbox exclusive game seemingly flopped.

Despite his confidence in the single-player experience, however, Spencer is unwilling to make promises, saying only that the idea of "put [ting] story-based games into the Xbox Game Pass business model" would help developers to create games over longer periods, but remains something that is only being thought about for the present.

Reddit user Stefvr claimed to have found another possible fix, with other users claiming this method also worked for them: "After going home, pressing RT and Y straight after it started moving around my pins and kept homescreen alive, still not fading to black anymore".

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