Nintendo says Super Mario Run "Did Not Meet Our Expectations"

Alicia Guzman
March 25, 2017

While talking about Super Mario Run's shortcomings, the official made the comparison to Nintendo's second mobile game release, Fire Emblem Heroes. But the company is refusing to admit its pricing was a mistake.

Super Mario Run is free from the start, which features several levels, but for players to progress, they need to purchase the game for $9.99.

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The more recent Fire Emblem Heroes is a freemium game though, and according to the Nikkei Asian Review it has enjoyed the long-term success that has eluded Super Mario Run. This was still able to make Nintendo millions of dollars, but it's not what the company was hoping for.

They worry that trying to fleece customers with microtransactions undermines the value of those characters, and ultimately Nintendo's business as a whole.

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Is Nintendo planning to switch to the freemium model? Or will it be two outliers to one?

Super Mario Run launched this week for Android - so its sales will undoubtedly rise. You can also now play through and complete the first Bowser battle without purchasing the game.

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That really shouldn't come as a surprise, however; as Kimishima told back in February, revenue generation was but a small part of Nintendo's overall smartphone strategy. Out of tens of millions of players, that's still a good number-especially considering that the game is a more limited offering than a console title and likely much cheaper to develop-but it didn't meet the company's expectations. Together with this release is an update for the iOS version. The company may have released "Fire Emblem Heroes" in February as a freemium game, but that might actually just be a one-off.

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