Un'Goro announcement and new cards CONFIRMED

Alicia Guzman
March 3, 2017

You can pre-order 50 packs from the Journey to Un'Goro set now for $49.99 which you'll receive early April in time for the expansion's official release. Azeroth's finest scholars and explorers have today begun preparing for Journey to Un'Goro, the new expansion coming to Hearthstone, Blizzard Entertainment's smash-hit digital card game, in April Those courageous or at least curious enough to embark on an expedition to a land of primordial wonder will encounter ancient elementals, frightening flora, and some of the fiercest predators to ever inhabit Azeroth-all while unearthing 135 new Hearthstone cards to add to their collections! Some of the more intriguing cards already shown for it include a phoenix called Pyros that returns to your hand after each death or a volcano that douses the board's minions in lava. With overpowered cards like Amara, I wouldn't be surprised if we see Quest cards as necessary in most new standard decks. For example, the Awaken the Master's Quest card tasks the players to summon 7 minions with a Deathrattle effect.

The expansion will also include an entirely new type of legendary card which is Quests.

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From the initial cards released, the largest shift you'll notice is two new keywords, Adapt and Quest, the first such addition since Discover became a thing in late 2015 with League of Explorers. It costs players one mana and when completed, will reward the incredibly powerful card called Amara, Warden of Hope.

Hearthstone is available now for PC and mobile devices.

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Blizzard has announced the name of the first Hearthstone expansion to release this year. Specifically, you can choose one of the six below. These cards always appear in your opening hand and will be offering a set of prerequisites to complete over the course of a game. Cards with Adapt gives the players the ability to choose three adaptations from a pool of 10. The patch has also made it possible to bring golden versions of cards into the Arena. You can get the former back as a stronger card every time its final form dies. Since this is a situational card, sometimes you'll actually want the Booty Bay Bodyguard or an 8/4 five-mana card, or a 5/4 with Windfury. Blizzard is not ready to talk about their interactions yet, but will reveal how Elementals will make for a large part of the meta in the coming weeks. The expansion adds a total of 135 cards, and some of them reveal never-before-seen mechanics in the game.

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