3-minute preview: 'Logan' to complete Wolverine trilogy

Alicia Guzman
February 23, 2017

Collider confirms there is a Logan post-credit scene, but is not sure about specific details or whether it plays prior to, during or directly after the credits. When the film opens, Logan is in a vulnerable and broken state, the curse of his immortality wearing heavy on him as he cares for a weakened Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) in a derelict smelting plant at the edge of an abandoned oil field.

Post-credits scenes have become synonymous with superhero movies, with studios often using them to tease what's to come in future instalments of franchises such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe or 20th Century Fox's X-Men series.

So while secretly adding new scenes isn't exactly a new practice, doing so for this particular film would be fascinating because of the way it ends. Of course, this is a rather old trick: Marvel is known for screening films for critics and leaving at least one post-credits scene off the print so that reporters don't spoil it for the public, and Fox seems to be taking that tack as well. They wouldn't edit in a flashback of those character together because that would undo the dramatic arc the filmmakers just created, so that means it would need to take place after Logan's death.

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It doesn't really make much sense for it to set up, say, the rumored X-Men: Supernova or Deadpool 2 (though there is some wiggle room on that last one thanks to 4th wall breaking).

"I always feel a certain contingent of fans who are yearning for it", Mangold told Screen Rant when asked about the comic book costume making an appearance in Jackman's final Wolverine movie.

Logan could end with something like that but it's impossible to guess what that scene would be.

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According to Digital Spy, it is especially hard to tell what to expect from the post-credits scene because the tone of the movie is perfectly natural and its ending is fine even without the extra scene.

We'll all know if Logan has an after-credits scene when the movie hits theaters on March 3.

Just enough time for a short scene at the end of the credits. Let's us know in the comments section!

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